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48 Neukölln starts today

48neukollnJune 26 – 28, 2015, the whole area of Neukölln becomes an artistic conglomerate.
All kinds of artists share their art everywhere: public spaces, cellars, small spots in bars, parks and even some roofs.

Anyone is allowed to participate, there are no criteria or selections, also who is not officially included.
Is possible to check the programma or simply take a stroll through the district to enjoy the countless performances: it is an exhibition of paintings or a fire eater, a sculptor or a muralist, jugglers and dancers at steet corners…
In short, impossible to draw up a correct list as there is no limit!

The neighborhood, which normally is one of the most exciting of Berlin, for the next 48 hours will not stop, some bars, and shops (not all) will be open non-stop to support the flow of visitors.

Too bad the Queen is leaving Berlin just today, she walking the narrow streets of Neukölln … would be unforgettable.

More info here.

Picture copyright: ©48 Stunden Neukölln.

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