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From Berlin to Naples

MuraleBluNaplesAnd so the italian street artist Blu, who had held some buildings of Berlin with his special murals, decided to change location and moved in Naples.

Before leaving from Berlin Blu decided to cover his murals in the German capital, a sort of protest against the privatization of street art by the City Government.

He immediately started his activity, also a kind of retraining of the territory.
Maybe this is the reason that pushed me towards a city like Naples, where art has always been a protagonist without conditions,  and in Naples that is completing a mural on a building that was once an asylum.

Naples has earned something and Berlin lost it, but who lost most of all is the art itself, those black walls in Berlin leave no doubt about the message that the artist Blu wanted to leave.

Blu’s Murales in Berlin before and after.

BluMuralesBerlin1  BluMuralesBerlin2
Blu’s Murales in Naples, work in progress.

MuralesBluNaples2 BluatworkL blunaples


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