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The lonely Berlin

berlinBerlin, a city full of lonely people.

Berlin has about three and a half million inhabitants, yet many people suffer from loneliness.
Probably because it’s a „passage city“: a city where many live for two or three years, a city where turnover is very fast.

Some say that it’s because of the gray weather that affects mood, someone else says that it’s the cold weather keeps people indoors, making them unaccustomed to socializing.
The fact remains that after a little investigation the solitude is one of the evils of this town.
Increasingly social networks are used in order to meet new people: many foreign groups such as Berlin Expats, or New in Berlin meet friends, or New in Berlin… thousands and thousands of people look for human contacts.
Even some socials extend the network, creating website only to make new friends, like Berlin International Friends.
That human contact that totally lose its raison d’etre when it’s searched through online, but often it is the only possible solution.

Even someone requests information that doesn’t really need, only to know people and make new friends.
The same happens with apps for mobile phones: many new apps are being born, not dating anymore, but simply to make new friends.
More than one startup in the German capital is geared to creating apps that connect people for personal reasons that go beyond the simple dating.
Some even find roommates or search shared accommodation only to not be alone!

Our small survey has shown that even for Berliners, born and raised in Berlin, most friendships relate to the world of work, universities etc, reflecting the fact that human relationships tend to be increasingly determined by opportunity that can lead rather than the desire of sociality.

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