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A new law on rents in Berlin

wohnungenA new law about renting flats is under discussion for Berlin, this new law aims to help poor people: in next five years the government will grant about 1,4 billion to be used as help to pay rent; of course only specific types.
Poor ones and people with low income will receive an increase in aid to pay the flat; of course the increases will be different depending on income, number of members of family, conditions etc.

The new law includes a plan for social real estate, they will have to assign about the half of flats (55%) to needy people.
And this is the most important part of the new law because these real estates have about 300.000 apartments in Berlin, it means that about 150.000 should be assigned to poor people with low rent fee, and there will be more controls.

The new law will be definitive from Januar, 2016.

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