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A pick up catastrophe

friendcardcatWe already have talked about how Berliner guys are bad to pick up girls, in this article.

Yesterday a girl wrote us, telling us what happened to her on Sunday, during the Fête de la Musique: B. (who prefers to be anonymous), 26 years old, was at the Mauer Park and a boy, between 25 and 30 years, approached her with a stack of notes in hand, he gives her a note and leaves.
B. thinks about the usual sheet with some offered services (job, cleaning, teaching, food, etc), as it often happens, but she realizes that the guy wasn’t giving the ticket to everyone: he observes and gives it only to some girls.
Intrigued by the type of service that can affect only some girls, B. reads the ticket: basically on paper there is a kind of presentation, with name, phone number and an invite to call or texting.
A way to pick up!
As well as absurd and ridiculous, what B. told us made us think: it seems there is something wrong in the way that Berliners know girls and relate to them.

But what happens to young men in Berlin?
The reason is laziness? Shyness?
Or simply they don’t know how to approach a woman?

We decided to do a survey and tell other stories, we invite you to send us your stories and anecdotes about how, in this strange Berlin, the boys try, with poor results, to pick up girls.

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