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A Pink Flamingo is the real king

flamingoThe Berlin Zoo is the center of attention, sometimes, for various reasons; one of these is that it is one of the most populous zoo in the world: about 1400 species for a total of over 14,000 animals. And this is the reason why it’s really difficult to be updated about the animals, especially for species not at risk.

But in recent days an assistant has discovered something interesting: a pink flamingo had a metal band on the leg, and there is an incision with some data on the animal, including the date of birth: the animal was born June 23, 1948.With 67 years, this flamingo, a beautiful male in perfect health, was awarded the title of older animal in the zoo!

With a population of about 80 birds it’s not strange that the discovery has come only now.So this splendid example of flamingo stole the primacy to Fatou, the female gorilla, which remains in second place with 58 years.

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