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A young refugee is an hero

MesserstechereiA bloody evening in Alexanderplatz, Friday 16 October, 2015, around 22 o’clock a very young guy (just 17 years old) is watching something very bad: a huge group of guys is annoying a girl.

Mohammed, a refugee from Lebanon (arrived about one month ago), doesn’t like what he sees, and when the group starts to harass physically the girl the young hero thinks is enough, and intervenes to save the girl.

He knows that it’s dangerous, but he doesn’t care, of course he becomes immediately the target of the gang, they start to beat him really brutally, all of them, and they are about twenty… but beating him is not enough: one of them pulls out a knife and Mohammed get stabbed in the back.

At first blood the gang guys start to run away very quickly, Mohammed is hospitalized in time, fortunately.

This guy gave a great lesson about the courage!

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