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Alessandra Celletti - A piano player in Berlin

AlessandracellettiBerlin is a city that inspires, and it’s always open to welcome artists of all kinds and from all over.
In this case we are talking about Alessandra Celletti, an Italian piano player.

Born in Rome, she comes from classical studies (Debussy, Ravel, Satie, Gurdjieff, Scott Joplin, Philip Glass), until she starts to compose her own music, her first album came out in 2007 and from that moment she had very different collaborations of any kind.
Alessandra Celletti, one of the best contemporary piano player in Italy, will play for Berliners on January 25, 2016, at Martin-Luther-Kirche in Fuldastr. 50, Neukölln, at 19.00.
This concert is a mix from italian artist and berliner art lovers, it means the result will be unique and beautiful!

The tickets are available at book shop Mondolibro, there are special offers for groups.

Here the Facebook event.

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