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And then Yuccies arrived in Berlin

yuccieThe word Yuccie clearly comes from Yuppie, but the difference is that they don’t want to be just professional, they say to be creative, they deserve to have a creative job.
They want to focus on creative side of business, they want to be paid for their creativity!
They say.

But they look like hispters.
Being an hipster, maybe, is not so cool, not anymore! So the new generation invented this new trend.
What is a Yuccie? He is young, he is creative and he thinks about business and money!
How to define a Yuccie is not already clear, as any new trend, it’s still in evolution, but is possible to make a little list of features: they dress like hipsters, they have beard, they listen special music and they are “intellectuals”, but unlike the hispters, the yuccies want money! A lot!

Yuccies don’t buy newspapers, just in the weekend, but is not clear if they read or not, they go very often to restaurants, because they can and because is more easy to post food pictures.
They like pictures, thousands of pictures, but just in instagram; they don’t use twitter, absolutely not (at the moment), but you never know what the future holds.

Yuccies like tattoos too, but very little, and often in hidden places.

So… let’s see what this new trend, with its creativity, will bring to the world!

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