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Angela Merkel invites Germans to be open

angelamerkelThe decision to open its doors to refugees from Syria has created some discontent, and the controversy and some opposition demonstrations are started.

Angela Merkel’s words were very clear yesterday, Monday, August 31, 2015, at a press conference she has invited the entire population to keep distance from xenophobia.

There are terrible atrocities, these persons have the right to request political asylum, we will pursue any xenophobic and violent attitude with the full force of the law“, her words are very loud and very clear!

And then she added the human side: “We must respect the human dignity of every individual in our country, there’s too much hate and prejudice too; no historical experience, no biographical experience, nothing justifies a violent approach to those who are in severe trouble!“; touching words with which Angela Merkel has tried to get to the heart of the Germans.

She concluded the conference with words of optimism, saying that the majority of the German people is not xenophobic and not violent, adding to be very proud.

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