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Barcelona won Champions League 2015

barcelonachampionsA one way match.
Juventus was definitely fierce and combative, but there was no recourse, the Barcelona was better, and proved it scoring the first goal in the first minutes of the match.

Despite Messi did not play his best football, despite all the team didn’t expressed its full potential, there was no match.
Probably the first goal, suffered by Juventus in the fourth minute, made the match one way: a Juvenuts trudging chasing a draw, and Barcelona pushing without much effort.

Level the score came too late in the second half, but it was, maybe, too late to balance the mood gap.

The four goals seem to have one thing in common: too light and superficial defenses on both sides.
In any case, no one has taken the game of hand, but the technical superiority of Barcelona has made the difference.
corers of the game:  4′ Rakitic, 55′ Morata, 68′ Suarez, 95′ Neymar.


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