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Berlin: a city worth visiting by bike

bikeberlBerlin is a tourist town, millions of tourists each year arrive in this capital city so special, so unique and that offers so much that visit it once is not enough.
One of the best ways is to get around by bike, in Berlin you must ride a bicycle!
To breathe clean air, to admire the architecture and to stop you as and when you want, without having to depend on public transport timetables.
Many bars and shops, particularly in tourist areas, offer the possibility to rent a bike, with prices ranging from normal to exorbitant, and not always there are bicycles available for everyone, and because of this reason a startup has decided to replicate the system already spread of rental cars in total autonomy, online, choosing the most congenial to need: Bim Bim Bikes, a website that allows the online rental of bicycles, with filters for choice and a map that shows in real time the availability and where can I get the bike!

We believe that Berlin, as all flat and with dedicated lanes for bicycles, is the perfect city to be explored on two wheels, Bim Bim Bikes also produced a video ad that shows the beauty of Berlin to head height on 2 wheels!

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