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Berlin in auction

berlinauctionThe situation in Berlin, regarding housing, it seems even more absurd, March 31 starts at a new operation of Smmove Deutschland: an auction of apartments for rent, through an online platform.

The company will put the flats in auction, as if they were for sale, but in reality they are just for rent; participants obviously must have some requirements, such as the absence of debts, no problem with the Schufa and so on.

On the other hand the owners will just have to post some pictures of the apartment, and establish the desired economic segment.
At that point the auction will last 14 days, and the owner will have a week to carry out the “award” to the winner.
There will be no cost to the participants, however the owners will have to pay a percentage to the platform.

The idea wouldn’t even be so bad if it were not totally to the detriment of those who try to find a flat in Berlin. We hope that at least the figures are established limits, beyond which you can not go, otherwise lose out, as always, will be those with less money!

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