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Berlin is ever more green

marijanaBerlin never disproves itself: it has always been considered one of the greenest cities in Europe.
But in this case the vegetation in topic is not the usual, not to mention a park where to spend a Sunday afternoon, or bring your own dog to play: in this case we talk about weed.

After several months of investigations and searches across the city, police have discovered a cannabis plantation, the largest ever discovered: in Mariendorf, a greenhouse of about 3000 square meters, organized and handled with the utmost professionalism, maybe even the best of legal products greenhouses.

A very hard blow to crime as result of a very complex investigation that led the police to search dozens of homes around the city.
Yesterday, July 7, 2015, the police made the big shot: about 130 agents to seize everything, and at the end of the day were brought forth about 20000 marjuana plants, and 7 people were arrested.

Perhaps people should be more specific when they say “Berliners love green”!

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