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Berlin joke in Alexanderplatz

belin joke phoneIn Alexanderplatz there is a billboard for a new phone, it’s an image of a woman, with the phone on one side and a slogan on the other side.
The slogan says “I can stay awake for days,” it means this phone’s battery should last much longer.

Someone had the idea to prepare an image of some cocaine strips on a dark background, with size of the phone display (in billboard), and pasted this image on Billboard, on the phone display, of course.

With the complicity of the slogan, which boasts of being able to stay awake all night, this new detail changes of course the sense of everything.

Despite being a little tacky, the result of this joke is still very successful, actually maybe the funny one on duty did a favor to the phone company, at least here in Berlin, in that place, the photo in billboard has a different meaning, but attracts far more attention than before!

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