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Berlin needs many houses

baustelleNothing new under the Sun, but predictions were incorrect: the increasing immigration produces many more residents than expected: according to statistics two years ago was forecasting an increase of about 250,000 residents for 2030, but apparently this number will be anticipated by about a dozen years.

New apartments are urgently needed; but the problem is to keep the city green, with a good livability: green areas and spaces must not to be sacrificed, to keep Berlin so pleasant.
Many projects are in the works, and of course these projects involve a total development: the arrival of new housing will necessitate the construction of new schools, new offices, new listings and so on and so forth.

There are those who suggest neighborhoods such as Marzahn, where space is so wide as to allow buildings without suffering too of the need to build, others suggest walking away even more outward to build, but entrepreneurs don’t like that, of course: they don’t want to build houses which will have a low value.

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