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Berlin receives progressive rock guitarist icon: Steve Hackett

Steve HackettNobody could deny that Berlin is the center of the music in Germany and for that reason it is one place where many musicians from different places are interested to stay to develop an own musical career.
It is one center place where many musicians match together and new productions born each time. In that way, this special city, it’s one place that many german and international artists of different genres require like part of their tours.

So, it will be a pleasure and honor to have again in Berlin to a special guest, the amazing english guitarist: Steve Hackett.
He is undoubtedly one of the most important guitarists of all the times.
He was the responsible of the special sound in the guitar in Genesis (studio albums since 1970 to 1977), showing outstanding talent like soloist and working together with remarkable artists in progressive music.
In the latest productions, we find the album “A Life Within a Day”, where two great progressive rock musicians join in a band for working together, Steve Hackett and Chris Squire (Yes). These two geniuses worked together under the name “Squackett” and released the album in the year of 2012.
Since the beginning until the end the album is extraordinary, with high level of musical quality and it is ideal for collectors.
Like soloist, the artist just released the new album named “Wolflight” (March 2015) with impeccable sound and an amazing mixture of melodies and rhythms.

It is normally how Steve Hackett finds the formula for composing.
For the media there are three promotional official videos and one in particular which belongs to the single with the same album’s name, which mixes beautiful landscapes and wild nature with culture of other times plus a touch of  sensitivity, just will captivate you.

The international tour of the well-known artist will start in 17th June in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This tour is because of the newest Hackett’s album “Wolflight”, and this will bring him until Berlin in the month of September in this year. For sure, in the concert, we will expect to enjoy all the stuff he has done like soloist since the first album “Voyage of the Acolyte”, and a set list for his loyal followers since the Genesis era. This explains that the tour is named “Acolyte to Wolflight with Genesis Revisited – The Total Experience”.
Finally, for all the progressive rock lovers and in general of the good music, there is one date that it is not possible to be absent and it will be on Sunday 13th September, in UDK, Berlin.
Actually, this will be a total experience.

Robinson Ocampo Mejía

Photo © Jordi Kuragari
Steve Hackett Genesis Extended

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