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Berlin sucht Zimmer - Tips and Tricks

wohnenAs everyone knows, living in Berlin is quite adventurous. That’s what a girl once told me while trying to sell me a room with no windows and no entrance door for only 360 Euro per month: every corner is a discover, she said.
I did eventually succeed in finding a room in a cozy flat with windows and door for an even smaller budget.
And mostly everybody told me i was lucky.
Yes, I was, but not exceptionally, I dare say. In fact, I realize, there are a few tips&tricks that work quite everywhere, and guys, you wouldn’t believe it, but yes, they work even in Berlin.
By high demand, here they are:
1. Most relevant ever: if you are searching for a room/flat, just do it. What I mean to say is that not being an easy search, the chance you stand doing now and then, are basically Zero- Null-Nada. Entiendes?
2. And you know why? Because Berlin, in case you never noticed I reveal it, is fast. So many people coming and going, that’s life here. So just be fast. Hate it or love it, just do it. Set a newsletter, watch the anzeigen, take it as a work: it won’t last long, but for the days it lasts, it is your game, your work, your life.
3. Would be nice for your time and the time of the people your dealing with, if you know what you’re looking for. Are you in search of a Vormiete or a Untermiete? Long term or short term solution? Mobiliert Oder nicht?
talk with an estate agent, or ask information in groups, in social networks or sites, talk with the people, but please, just KNOW IT.
4. Addictional: don’t go too stoned to an appointment. Hopefully your future Mitbewohner will share with you his blood and his vomit, but since he doesn’t know you yet, try to convince him you’re reliable enough, not only in order to pay the rent, but let’s say also in terms of being able to call an ambulance the day he will choke into his vomit.
You know what i mean?
5) Smile, talk about the flat since the appointment. But then and only then, remind you’re selling yourself. You’re not a bitch, but a nice smile is always a good key to open many doors, and people don’t want boring flatmates!
Be honest: talk about your worse, but show your best!

As easy as it is, just do it, and pray your lucky star.
And probably you’ll get an accomodation pretty soon.

With my best wishes.


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