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Berlin under 30 into drugs

drogenWe did a little survey in Berlin, and the result is this: the 79 percent of people under 30 use drugs.
We interviewed about 3000 people between 18 and 30 years old, and we first asked in general about drugs, and then we gone inside into the topic asking what kind of drug and why.
Between people we met almost everyone smokes marijuana, more than half use other drugs too (amphetamines, speed, cocaine, ecstasy, lsd).

Most of those we interviewed are people very active in society, they study or work, very few of them are not employed, and the fact they use drugs in a moderate way doesn’t stop them to have a normal life.
They said they use when they go to clubs, or some festival, or in a special occasion; and at the question “Why?” the most popular response was “Because it’s fun”, and due to this answer we also asked if they have fun without drugs and almost all of them said “Yes, but not so much”.

And this is the worrying side: they seem to not be drug addicts, but they look like not able to have fun without drugs!

Another little detail that came out from our survey is that marijuana is not a drug for almost everyone, because at the first question “Do you use drugs?” the first and direct answer was “No, I don’t take drugs, I only smoke marijuana”.

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