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Berlin very disabled friendly

disabWorldwide, there are superheroes, real ones; not as imaginary ones of Marvel.
Get into a supermarket and buy some bread, for many it’s natural and simple as “buy some bread at the supermarket,” but for some others it’s not so easy, although, however, it should be.

But Berlin is a very livable city for those who, for one reason or another, are forced to a wheelchair.

We interviewed one of them, on the chair since 2 years because of multiple sclerosis, E. has a wife and a young son, he is foreigner in Germany and his feedback on Berlin was surprisingly positive.

E. moves by public transport, and hasn’t any problems, except in case of strikes; even the buildings have facilitated access, and for any shop, office, shopping center, etc. has a website, where it’s indicated the possible facilitated.

Sometimes some rude idiot parks his car where it should not, therefore making it difficult passage, and sometimes the road surface is not the most comfortable, but all in all not so frequent.

Despite the complexity of the bureaucracy, E. receives a lot of help (including economic) and support by the city.
Berlin deserves a very high rating for life from this point of view!

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