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Berlin Wall as freedom symbol

HMFBWThe Berlin Wall: before symbol of oppression, today, 25 years after its fall, is a symbol of peace and freedom.
And this is the message that Hans Martin Fleischer, 51, want to carry around the world.

One element of the Berlin Wall, including colorful graffiti, the same size of the real items, but made of a kind of polystyrene and plastic, is the tool to spread the message of freedom and peace.

With his piece of wall, Fleischer, travels the world with the car, often also sleeps in his car (traveling costs a lot, you know!), and since 2001 has been in about a dozen countries.

Until now much of Europe has friendly accepted it always, but Fleischer ddidn’t not hesitate to bring its symbol/message even in hot sposts and dangerous areas, where probably there is more need: last year it was in Ukraine.

His short-term project: he would be able to bring his “wall” on the border between North and South Korea.

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