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Berlin way of love - A documentary about love and relationships in Berlin

berlinwayoflove3The love in Berlin is not easy, relationships are complicated and not easy to be built. Many people say.
Due to a lot of reasons, and above all because it’s a crossing city.

That’s why Matthieu Do (Director), Salama Marine (Author) and Melissa Domingues (Production Assistant) decided to make a documentary about love and relationships in Berlin, the documentary is called Berlin way of love and it will be released soon.

The documentary don’t claim to be a guide to find love, it’s just a slice of live based on 13 different life stories and divided into four thematic blocks in order to try to understand the process behind finding love and maintaining a relationship in Berlin.


It’s surely very interesting because there are not suggestions, not theories of experts, not tales with princes and unicorns… there just real stories of real people, like you. they tell their stories, their point of view and they, of course, had the same difficulties of everyone in this complicated city.

Here the trailer of the documentary, and here the Facebook page of this project, and now you just have to wait to enjoy this very interesting slice of life and love.

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