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Berliner flats become less social

SocOnly 10 years ago, in Berlin, there were about 400,000 social housing, that is intended for poor and people with low income.
Today there are less than half: 140,000, and a small study gave the result: in about another 10 years, in 2024, will be just under 100,000; and in any case the cost of these social flats tends to increase.

So a less social Berlin!
We are working to create a concept to limit the cost of rents” says Martin Pallgen, spokesman for the Senators Urban Development (SPD).
In fact, surveys are underway between the social tenants” in order to better understand the situation.

The Berlin Tenants Association (BMV) calls for the introduction of a social fee set by the government, in order to limit the problem of rents growing, because it seems that about 50% of the population of Berlin apply for a social apartment.

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