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Berliners and foreigners

refugees_welcome_berlinThe arrival of refugees makes discuss everyone; someone receive them with a welcome sign, and others are doing their utmost to help bringing food and clothes.

Meanwhile we made a small survey with a representative sample in Berlin; the survey concerns the concept of foreigners who come here, both immigrants and refugees settled.

The survey shows that most of the Berliners are basically open and favorable to foreigners but a important sample (approximately 20%) would actually not be favorable to immigrants.
Blame unemployment and economic problems is given to immigrants, according to this 20%; but except this percentage by minority in Berlin there is a really strong consensus towards foreigners arriving here.

With regard to refugees most Berliners didn’t give an opinion, a sense of openness is clearly shared, especially due to the condition from which they escape, but the Germans in Berlin want to understand what the consequences of these arrivals before expressing an opinion.
At the moment they are welcome!

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