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Big boobies for one day

brustMichael Krüger, a doctor from Berlin, offers as the first one to do this a breast enlargement for one day.
It is not meant as a joke, but a real treatment for women who think about a surgery.

But as a surgery is expensive and the result often unreliable, this method gives the opportunity to stay with the new boobies for one day, which maybe makes the decision easier for those women.

All Michael Krüger does is a little incision, then infusing saline solution into the breast.
After that treatment the breast stays enlarged for 24 hours, then the solution will be phased out consistently over the kidneys and blood circle, so the doctor explains.

It is a method that has been developed in the US, but, so he warns: also this treatment is not without risk, as with every procedure there is the risk of infection.
Matter of expense: 1000 € for a procedure of 20 mins.

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