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BVG Cupid for Berliners

bvgloveIt’s happened to everyone, at least once in their life, to sit in front of a person in the subway, to remain impressed by that person because of that book in the hands, or for the way to dress, or even because with that person was born an intense game looks.
Then because of the rush, shyness, lack of courage, embarrassment to the public, rather than take advantage of the magic moment and a chat with the person… just to get to your destination and go away.
But that person still remains in the thoughts, all day, and maybe even future ones.

The chances of meeting that person again are slim, in a big city like Berlin.
And for this reason that the BVG, the company transports of Berlin, since some time offers a very special service, the “Augenblicke“: a bulletin board where anyone can write messages, public, full of hope, for that person it would be nice to meet again; in that bulletin board you can read, really very romantic messages, specifying which bus or subway line, the direction of the route and other details.

A second chance then to be able to contact someone who probably has brought forth the famous thunderbolt!
With a little luck, if the lightning strike was mutual, that person will read the message and a second meeting will be possible!

Here this service.

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