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BVG ecological and functional

Berlin E-BusBerlin is a city of vintage: 70’s furniture and even fashion is often slightly retro; but this is just one of the many facets of this city.

Berlin is also a city of tomorrow: technologically advanced and very focused on respecting the enviroment.
And for this reason Berlin wins a new record: it’s the first city in the world sporting the E-Bus; a new type of electrically powered bus that can recharge wirelessly; buses recharge at stations and the charging time is less than 7 minutes.

Buses are very expensive so the BVG has only one line at the moment, an experiment to assess the possibility of large scale deployment and reduce oil dependence at least a little.
At the moment BVG will use this buses just for the line 204.

Buses were manufactured in Poland by Bombarider, the model is “Solaris Urbino 12 electric”, they are 12 metres long, carrying 70 passengers and with a battery that can do 36 kilometers on a single charge.
Another point for the BVG!

Here the line 204.
BVG 204

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