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Champions League final – A fun contest for italians

juvesThe rivalry between supporters of football teams never ceases to be heard, even when it’s linked to international competitions.

On facebook, in a group of Italians living in Berlin, a little contest, born with ironic intent and a little provocative, it’s having great success: anyone shooting photographs of some flyers around town, at least 5, can win a bottle of wine set to be won by the administrator of a group of Italians living in the German capital.

The adhesive/flyer is against the team of Juventus, the team that doesn’t collect much admiration from other fans of other teams.

Many Italians in Berlin are in search of the notorious adhesive/flyer.

Sticker indicating the team Juventus as “shit”, because of the eternal and endless controversy over the alleged conduct was unclean in the league!
Of course these are rumors and opinions expressed by fans, nothing more.

But as usual the football caused a stir in many forms, not always in a positive way; but but it is important to underline the inventiveness of those who, while asserting the antipathy toward an opposing team, invented a contest of this kind.

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