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Chess Fight Club

Copyright: CC BY 3.0 DE

Let’s punch, while we think about how to make a checkmate!
In 1996 Chuck Palahniuk published Fight Club”, the famous novel where normal people meet each other in the evening in the improvised ring and gyms to get into fights, in order to vent the stress of everyday life, office, work, etc etc.

In 2003, instead, Iepe Rubingh (Netherlands) invents his version: a Fight Club with chess match too, tha name is Chessboxing; clearly inspired by the novel, Ribingh think of a way to let off steam physically, adding the difficulty of staying focused on other things: a chess game in progress.

The match consists of eleven rounds, alternating boxing and chess, of three minutes each.
In this edition will be allowed the participation of anyone, provided that they are trained for a period of at least six months before the event.

The edition will be at Platoon Kunsthalle May 9, at 20:00.
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Picture: Copyright: CC BY 3.0 DE

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