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COFFI appointment, waiting the next festival

coffi2016COFFI Festival Berlin becomes a Biennial and will have, after 2 editions, its third next year.
But to not to jump on 2016, we wanted to create another event: an artistic aperitif to find ourselves with our audience and the artists who work with us and understand together that way the COFFI should take.  The Festival started in collaboration with (and inspired by) CortOglobo Italy Film Festival, organized by Andrea Recussi in Salerno from 2004.
After ten successful editions, Recussi, Dominik Calzone and Markus Meixner, decide to create an edition in Berlin. In addition to films and short films, the Berliner COFFI has a large music program, theatrical and visual.
The common thread that ties all these activities is the Italian lifestyle, background of the festival.

The COFFI team is made up of young Italians and Germans, who share the passion for art and music and the desire to support the Italian culture in Berlin, especially when it comes to young emerging artists. It’s for this reason that, at the close of the Open Call and determine the various requests for collaboration, we have given priority to young artists and already resident in the German capital. Angelica Morini, Teresa Satta and Paolo Bandinu have different projects with a common interpretation.

Angelica Morini, with its reportage, wants to bring to the attention the reality present around the world; approaches the social photography motivated by emotions she felt because of meeting of cultures and people, during his many travels. She chooses to take up voluntary work camps for a chance to get in touch with the customs, habits and sometimes the suffering of peoples, by pulling out of reportage, including “Walls” a report on Palestine created in the summer of 2014 during the Israeli military operation “Protective Edge”.

Teresa Satta, on the contrary, with her “Still Life” documents the nuances of which objects, rooms, everyday situations are carriers, how to create a return to consciousness of the here and now. Her work is characterized by an intimate tale of sensory experiences and from the stream of thought translated in two-dimensional space of the paper and screen. The common denominator of all her artistic career is the impact the book’s narrative, as a concrete and tangible, immediate vehicle for narrowing the gap between art and everyday life.

Paolo Bandinu express himself through the basic experimental painting videos in a continuous flow of images and sensations, wanting to convey the idea of transition and change, in a limbo of elusive and changing situations. The artist says: “I’m interested in the constant evolution of things. My work reflects the change of different times that they are like sleeping, in a sort of delicate balance between past and present. I try to convey the idea of a track that leaves a mark. “

As for the short film, which will be screened during the evening are the winners of the CortOglobo Film Festival: “Beautiful” by Alessandro Captains (winner of the David di Donatello Award for best short film: 2015-16), “Light” by Marco Napoli and “the last voyage”, directed by Valeria Luchetti.

And as in any self-respecting festival, you can’t miss the musical part. Opening the evening there will be dj sets by Mattia Grigolo, while following the singer Chiara in Berlin. Says about herself: “my music is a mix of pop, rock, folk and a touch of jazz, all mixed and filtered, and the mix is more or less what I do. Lately I’ve started to experiment with an electric guitar, next to the inseparable acoustics, and what’s going to happen with this new ingredient we’ll find out together …! “

COFFI Festival is a nonprofit, which is financed through artistic and cultural projects.
If you want to support and learn more we wait for Saturday to Wale Café, the team is always ready to give you any kind of information.

We can’t wait for the party to begin!


18.00 – Aperitif / DJ Set Mattia Grigolo
19.15 – Presentation COFFI Welcome words
20.30 – Live Chiara in Berlin
20.45 – 22 – Paolo Bandinu: Nascosti Dalle Apparenze, No Country, Oltre, Walking back Andy
22.30 – repetition short movies screening

More info here.
Here the COFFI Facebook page.

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