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COFFI at Lange Nacht der Filmfestivals

coffifestiwelAugust 29, 2015, saturday, almost two months after the festival, the COFFI revives the vision of three short films selected from this edition.

The occasion will be the Lange Nacht der Filmfestivals, which involves more than 20 film festivals, invited to participate and create the screening programme to Ostkreuz from 15.00 till late at night, for a total of more than 100 movies. The film programme will be accompanied by 10 bands and djs, as well as a culinary offer.
There will be also an italian icrcream minivan!

COFFI, between Italian film festivals, will participate with a 50 minute session at 16:30 and at 02:25 with three short films:

Hazor” Miro Mastropasqua 2014
Paul is in coma and he is in a world never seen before! In the middle of the mysterious forest of Hazor, his shadow escapes him and leaves him alone. Paul is involved in a conspiracy: a girl is manipulating his shadow to take revenge on him and kill him.

Piume“, Adriano Giutti 2014
The task of Samuel is to kill chickens. This 30-year-old boy is the only Italian who works in this area within a giant in the food sector. He does everything he can to keep the most important thing in his life: his six year old son named Elvis. When a young colleague from Senegal saves his life, something begins to change.

Hei muso giallo” Pierluca di Pasquale, 2014
A young man wakes up in the dark in a restaurant kitchen. He is wounded, he was beaten and tied to a chair. His arms are bound and sunk in a bucket of ice and blood. His conditions don’t look good. He doesn’t remember what happened and his two torturers, a woman and a man, both from Asia, will help him to remember the events.

All three films are born from the imagination of emerging filmmakers who have previously found little public attention, but Italian were winners of several awards abroad.

The long night of Film Festival is a project of the non-profit association Festiwelt in collaboration with FUTURE am Ostkreuz. It offers an important, varied and funny platform to movie lovers.
Festiwelt wants to represent all the Berlin Film Festival; it’s an unique festival that combines organizational and substantive synergies between the partecipants and it promotes national culture and international film and cinema in Berlin and Germany through many projects.

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