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Compensation request: 4,6 quadrillions

eumoneyWrong accounts and adjustments are rife regarding utilities and services, every year it is normal to receive requests for payment by service providers, and sometimes insurance companies too, and it is understandable that these accounts, sometimes, can be wrong and contain errors.

But no one, until now, had never received a refund request for a similar figure: 4.6 quadrillion euro!
The exact figure is this: € 4,632,124,357,000,001.
It’s fun, no doubt: it’s about a thousand times the total monetary value of goods and services produced in Germany.

A woman, whose name has not been revealed, received a letter from her pension fund in which it’s noted that “strangely” the bank refused the payment request, and she has to provide for the payment as soon as possible.

It’s clearly possible to imagine the shock, but fortunately, after a brief investigation, the error was immediately clear; not the type of error, and in all probability it was a copy and paste mistake.
The formal apology arrived to the woman, after recognition of the error.

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