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David Bowie's plaque stolen

davidbowieplaqueAfter about a month the David Bowie’s plaque was stolen.

The plaque was affixed near his home in Berlin, the plaque reads the famous phrase that appears in the lyrics of “Heroes,” “We can be heroes, just for one day”, an album released in 1977 recorded at Hansa Studio in Berlin (then West Berlin).

The plaque was stolen on Saturday night, and police is investigating and it’s still not clear whether it was an act of vandalism or theft for profit.


The fact not only offends the memory of the artist but it is certainly an act unwelcome from citizenship: a deterrent to tourism, but above all a social evil, the result of a wrong kind of individualism that is launching a message of total indifference towards society, culture, history and art.

In any case, some other copies were produced.

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