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Eclipse of the Sun – 20 March 2015

eclipseOn 20 March 2015, the Moon will be located between the Sun and Earth, and then cover the solar disk.

Look directly at the Sun with inadequate protection can damage your sight. The intensity of the sunlight is so strong that it can observe it directly hit and burn some areas of the eyes, thus making blind the observer.
To enjoy the show must adequately protect the eyes!
Any technique you choose, do not look at the Sun continuously.
Take breaks and let your eyes rest. And don’t use normal sunglasses: they don’t offer sufficient protection, the suggestion of NASA.

So anyone who wants to enjoy this spectacular event must absolutely obtain a solar filter or any suitable goggles with lenses equipped with filters.

About the event:
– The eclipse will begin at 8:40 and continue until 12:50
– Will peak at around 10:45
– The eclipse will be total rather in the far north of Europe

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