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Flea markets in Berlin, now there is a map

FlohmarktkarteIn full autumn the cold starts to be felt here in Berlin, the weekend at the lake or sunbathing is now a memory, or a desire for the future.

But this doesn’t mean that parks and open spaces are to be neglected! Even with the arrival of the cold is necessary, sometimes, update your wardrobe!
Or maybe the moment has arrived to replace the toaster that doesn’t work well as a time, or buy a new mixer.

And in the “poor but sexy” Berlin the flea markets shouldn’t be underestimated, absolutely: there are a lot of them, some are only the corners of the sidewalks, but others are really big and well organized.
And because they are so many, and not all are well advertised, the site Locafox (a website to search for shops and products) has seen fit to publish a map with the 42 largest flea markets in Berlin.

The nice thing is that the map is replaced on the city’s transport map, this makes it easier for the thousands of tourists attracted by this kind of shopping!


Here the map with the list of the flea markets.

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