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Four at one blow

birthThe 65 old woman, teacher and mother of 13 children, gave birth to the quadruplets – 14 weeks before expected date of delivery.

She wanted to give her youngest daughter, who was wishing for a sibling, some company and decided for an embryo donation.

In germany this is a forbidden matter, but abroad it is possible. It is also usual to implant more than one embryo, because the expectation that all of them will survive is minimal. To Annegret R. it happened and she decided to keep them. Now she is the mother of not less than 17 children and, moreover, the eldest mother of quadruplets in the world, as it seems.

The babies are alive and according to their early birth, they seem to be doing well.
When Ms. R. published her pregnancy this year in the media, her behaviour aroused discussions and criticism which on the one hand is understandable. But on the other hand, she is an experienced mother that already raised a couple of children and, who knows – if she doesn’t survive until the four are grown up, maybe all the siblings are happy to help out?


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