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Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg censored

censComes the coup de grace for advertisements sexy: censorship.

A want is the political wing of red/green, they state that showing, for example, a man dressed and a naked woman means belittling the woman.
Or even working women smiling no good, or just a woman still be found naked (but with private parts NOT visible) to advertise a restaurant chain based on fish is not good!
All this is sexism, they say.

It seems that this demeans women, it seems that this kind of advertising these as hysterical, weak, stupid, irresponsible.
The order, therefore, to ban this type of advertising comes in Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg; order signed by Monika Herrmann (head of the district), and to support it, of course, there Maja Wegener’s Frieda-Frauenzentrum that says: “We are not against advertising, but against the stigmatization of women as submissive, as weak people who are often portrayed only as objects of pleasure. ”

“Typical leftist terror with which the district is once ridiculed” the words of Timur Husein (deputy of the opposition group).
One aspect that is never considered, in this sort of thing, is the fact that the charge of sexism is contrasted with sexism, because they always into the women side, they never use the same parameters for men, that obviously don’t feel offendend by this type of advertising.

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