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From Greece with food

greekBerliners love festival, love food and love music, that’s why in this city there is always a festival in progress or around the corner.
And so is this weekend: Big Fat Greek Weekend.
Of course the name comes from a successful movie a few years ago, but the origin of the name is not important.

Never actual like now, when Germany and Greece are at critical point, this festival can be the perfect trait d’union to spend a day (or more) enjoying a bit of Greece!

This weekend, from 16 to 19 July, the Markthalle Neun will host the festival: food, music and culture from Greece will be protagonist, here the program:

  • 16 July: 17-22 Greek Street Food Special
  • 17 July: 12-20 Greek Market (Repeat 18 July 10–18) / 18-19.30 Cultural event with discussion (in English) about evolution of Greek Food / 12-18 Children food space
  • 18 July: 17-19 Cheese and wine tasting
  • 19 July: 10-17 Greek breakfast / 14.30-16 Olive oil tasting (registration required)

More info here.

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