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Fuck you from Berlin

curvystrasse fuckyouIn the night a new message appeared: Fuck you.

On that dark wall, where the famous Blu’s astronauts were, an hand appeared, with the middle finger up, and a little dedication for some categories: polizei, yuppie, ficker (almost assholes), investitor, hurenshon (son of a bitch), and fotze (cunt).

The message is clear: an invitation to fuck themselves for all those people that don’t like the “free” Berlin; the meaning is that those categories want to control and change and homologate this city, they think.

In Kreuzberg, populated by young and free spirit people, it’s usual to see murals like this: a form art and protest that comes from the wish to keep the city almost free from all kind of rules, like it was in last decades, and of course against the gentrification.

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