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Gebetomat in Berlin

gebetomatIn Berlin the smallest “church” in the world is called Gebetomat: only 83 cm square, but perhaps church is a wrong term, because it’s a computer that contains the prayers of every religion, and it’s the first one int he world for a public access.

It was invented by Oliver Sturm, a theater director.
The Gebetomat is a cabin where you can listen to prayers, read lyrics, listen to songs of the five largest world religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism) and even smaller ones.
Sturm was inspired by the idea of intimacy of a cabin where you can stay in touch with their religious beliefs.
This experiment has actually given a very interesting result: it shows how religions coincide in many points.

The Gebetomat is located at the Markthalle in Moabit.

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