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Goodbye David

David Bowie BerlinTwo days ago, in the night of January 10, David Bowie died, and this is a shock, especially for Berliners, who have expressed their condolences in very significant: his home in Haputstr.It was visited by thousands of people who have left flowers and candles as a sign of respect for the great artist.

David Bowie can be described by a very specific adjective: transversal.

Through the ages, genders, cultures and fashion, the White Duke has been able to influence and anticipate any creative concept in many areas.
It was simplistic to talk about David Bowie as a “genius”. He is, or sadly rather was, a “universal man” (who sold the world) as was Leonardo da Vinci.
The disease that tormented him for 18 months didn’t stop him to give us his latest album, Blackstar, came out in recent days.

He left with great dignity, and leaving without words all his public and in particular the Berliners.
That ancient bond with Berlin, in a time of great artistic explosion and its relationship with Iggy Pop during his stay in Germany was a very important moment in the life of the artist. They were years of transition in which David affirmed more his human side than the star side (as star he was already well known in the USA).
That human dimension he described in numerous interviews represented the style of a city that was substituting London for artistic expression and musical movements. The last tribute to exceptional Berlin we find in “Where are we now”, single of 2013 that describes romance and passion with the passage of his generation between the Berlin Wall and that of today, a testament of incalculable value.

Goodbye David, part of the soul of Berlin.


Alessandro Tolino

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