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Google Star Wars

google lightsaberAfter a few days after the release of Star Wars episode 7 – The Force Awakens -, the Star Wars mania spreads rapidly: toys, gadgets, clothing and every other kind are full of star wars products!
The virtual world is not far behind: the sites go crazy, Facebook is now full of images of all kinds, from the most suggestive to those professional ones candid and ironic.

But the piece de resistance comes from google: the search engine, already interactive with its doodle, now customize your pages, you just have to choose which side of the Force you’re most drawn to and its pages, including email Gmail, will be personalized and geared toward that direction.
But the experience doesn’t end here: a game with the lightsaber is truly exceptional, to play you need to have a fairly modern smartphone, no applications to install, you just need to follow the instructions on the website to┬ásynchronize your smartphone and it becomes the lightsaber controller, with sound effects and vibration!

Very realistic and fun, the game almost satisfied all those who wanted, at least once in your life, have a light saber.

google lightsaber 2

This is the Google Star Wars website.

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