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Görlitzer Park is notorious

gorliThe Görlitzer Park is the park of drug dealers and everybody knows it, but the effects are terrible: violent crimes.
Last year, 2014, 178 attacks in which the victims suffered serious injuries happened, despite the weak attempts to make the place more safe, the crime tends to increase: this year (2015) the attacks arrived to 186, and the year is not over yet.

Of course the reason is not mysterious, it’s not an effect of the vegetation that acts on the psyche of the people, it’s not even a magic curse, the reason is still the drug: where there is drug also there are crimes of any kind.
And the drug is always in Görlitzer Park!
The place is full of dealers at every hour, in the day and in the night.
Of course the night is best moment to do some bad things.

A green area must be avoided, unless you are looking for something specific.
The police action to make sure the place is not sufficient, indeed almost non-existent; the park is large and dispersed and the many entrances are often the most infested with criminals, almost all foreigners.

Time to do something has arrived, long ago.

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