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Grand theft bike

bicUnfortunately we are not talking about a new video game!

Berlin is the city of bicycles; and as soon as the gray of the sky leaving a little space to the sun, as soon as the low temperatures begin to rise in the city every day tens of thousands of people move by bicycle.

Berlin is perfect for bicycles: almost totally in plain and a few hills are not steep, so many parks and open space.

But it is also the city where bicycle theft is growing, of course.
With the advance of the economic problems, the theft increase, and theft of bicycles is a crime with exorbitant numbers: more than 30.000 last year.
This is because stealing a bike is easy, and because the controls are not really efficient.
For some years we talk about creating a team that deals only with this, but until now nothing has been done.Some areas of the city are more affected than others: Pankow, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshein, Mitte and Spandau recorded the highest number of thefts, but also the rest of the city suffers the same problem.
Chains and bolts increasingly resistant are the only defense!

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