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gswHello everyone, i want to tell the story of the flat managed by GSW: I’m italian, and i decided to move to Germany, specifically in Berlin.
Here in Berlin is absolutely not easy to find a flat, because owners, usually, give their apartments to something like real estates, to managing them.
Of course there are a lot of kinds of these real estates, and one of the biggest is GSW, this is a “social” real estate, this means that they should make it easy for peoples that have problems, that don’t earn much money etc etc.
Well… on internet i found a nice flat, cheap; so i contacted the number on the ad and i gone to visit; the flat was exactly what i needed, with an absolutely reasonable price!
The actual renter said to me that the “owner” of the flay is the government, and the flat is managed by GSW, she also said that she could introduce me to the GSW, because we had the same needs about timing and furniture.
I was there since few days and of course i didn’t speak german, but i had 2 friends in Berlin, one italian that lives in Berlin since 12 years and another that is german; the german friend helped me a lot: she called the GSW and asked what were the requirements for to rent one of the flats they manage!
They said: job contract or a guarantor with a job.
I had a guarantor, plus SCHUFA certificate that i have no debits or credit problems.
But when my friend said i was Italian… they said: NO AUSLANDER, no strangers, no peoples that are not germans!
This made me really curious about the GSW, maybe there were a mistake, so we tried to call again, we had a chat with another different employ and we received the same answer, we tried again with another one and again we received the same answer.
So we decided to go to GSW office for to understand, and they didn’t want to meet us, so we had another phone conversation, and they said AGAIN that they don’t want not-german peoples renters.
So at this point my friend was very upset about this answer and she asked why: they said because strangers don’t speak german language!
So this is the GSW, the “social” company that manage flats with “social” intentions, in Germany!

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