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Halloween night in Berlin, horror with a lot of fun

halloweenSo Halloween is arrived, and for one night ghosts, spectres, spirits, zombies, vampires and monsters in general will be a reason to laugh and smile!

Also if Halloween is not really part of european culture, it’s joined us because is funny!
A sort of horror carnival, because everybody likes to wear costumes.

And the costumes are the center of this party: stores that sell or rent costumes were besieged Thursday yesterday afternoon there were long queues (hundreds of people) on the sidewalks, hundreds of people are looking for a costume!
Today will be the same because this is the night, the night that there are a lot of festivals in the city.

In many clubs there are theme parties: from just horror to sexy-horror parties, social networks are now filled by tonight’s events, fun for adults and children, there’s plenty of choice!

In the night of witches and walkind deads the city will be even more alive than usual, there will be a gloomy atmosphere but with a background of music and laughter.

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