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Hanfparade 2015

hanfparadeSaturday, August 8, 2015, a big crowd is ready in front of the Brandenburg Gate, is a manifestation: the Hanfparade.

This was the nineteenth edition, about 8000 people partecipated this year.
The reason of the event: the legalization of cannabis.

A controversial topic: medical and recreational use, two reasons why many people would like that cannabis was legalized, between their arguments is the fact that making it legal would reduce the power of organized crime.

The Hanfparade actually was again a full day: from 13:00 in the morning to the late night; before a parade on the street, then between the various stages there was the most important to the Ministry of Health, and of course a final party.

The official response of the CDU is still a “NO” very determined.

More info about Hanfparade here.

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