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Homeless students

studentenBerlin is a popular destination for students, every year more and more students from all over Europe (and not just Europe) choose to come and study in this city.
Because Berlin is an alive city, multicultural, an active city, the study quality is excellent and because it’s not expensive.

But this has a practical implication: accommodations, not all students have families that can guarantee them an accomodation by paying out of their own pockets.

Waiting lists for student accomodation are long, currently almost 2000 students have not yet an accommodation despite the courses are begun, last month the number of waiting students was about 2500, the list is reduced but the number is still high.
The former Mayor Klaus Wowereit, in 2013, authorized new constructions, after an agreement with the Student Union, but to make it time is needed.

Because of the “house problem” in Berlin you must prepare with great anticipation: there is already a list of applicants for the academic year 2016 and 2017.
In the next 5 years about 5000 new apartments for student should be ready.

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