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Homophobia in Mitte

rainbowflagIt’s hard to believe but it’s real: what happened tonight in Mitte, in the center of Berlin, is crazy: in 2016 there are still some stupid people who are homophobic.
Ignorance and stupidity (yes: homophobia is an effect of ignorance and stupidity) shouldn’t be tolerated anymore, especially in Berlin, in an international and evolved city, things like this shouldn’t happen.

Last night at around 2 o’ clock, a couple of gay guys have been attacked by three strangers.
The two boys were walking out of Heinrich-Heine-Straße and at one point for no reason have been attacked and beaten by three unknown people of young age, one of the three started to rant and insult because of clothing and immediately began beating them while the other two watched.
A passer-by intervened, putting to flight the aggressor and his accomplices.

Police were called and the two were taken to the hospital, luckily the two didn’t get serious injuries, and after a brief outpatient treatment they have been sent home.
The police are investigating but the description of the attackers doesn’t help so much.

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