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Illiteracy in Berlin

AnalphabetentumIn 2015 it’s not easy to believe there are so many illiterate people, but yes: they are more than you can imagine.

Talking about illiteracy of course you can think about Third World countries, or small African villages or tribes living in some equatorial jungle, it’s hard to imagine illiterate people who live in large industrialized cities.

Yet in Berlin there are about 320,000 illiterate; they are functionally illiterate, meaning people self-sufficient, who have a job, driver’s license, fully integrated into society, but they do not know to read and write!
The number is amazing, it means that about 1 on 10 people don’t know to read and write.

The reasons of illiteracy are naturally in childhood, some experts explain that when a child has outgrown the 8/9 years is really difficult to learn to read and write; as an adult, is almost impossible, especially because life (hard because everyone has different needs and priorities: jobs and little time) rarely gives space to recover.

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